* SQUAD Update *

18/11/2009 12:57

As you all know from my message , I had an idea for SQUADS. What this SQUAD UPDATE will do is try and seperate us from one big group of HLG UNIVERSE to divisions of HLG UNIVERSE . We will all still play together and do the same as allways but if we go through with this , There will be 3 groups from 5-8 people because we all know that about 20 people is big for a HLG team. The teams will be made and name idea's will be posted in a new section I am making in forums named *SQUADS* . So all this will really do is try to break us down into smaller groups enstead of 20 people of HLG UNIVERSE.

* We will still all be HLG UNIVERSE *

* The poll is in the FORUMS : SQUAD *


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